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Watch Vikings Online Free Watch Vikings Online at Ragnar, the first great Viking leader, a man of both history and 8myth. Rollo, Ragnar’s impulsive, wild and carefree brother whose loyalty is at times questionable but his skills as a warrior are formidable. Floki, a close friend of Ragnar’s who is an eccentric jokester yet an inventive, creative boat-builder. Believed to be a descendent of the Norse god Loki, Floki designs and builds the prototype for a new generation of Viking ships. A Viking warrior seeks approval from his community’s leader in the opener of this series chronicling the medieval adventures of a band of Norsemen. As Ragnor prepares for his first journey into the unknown Western lands, the suspicion and paranoia of Earl Haraldson escalates. Vikings Online Streaming

Release date: 3 March 2013 (USA)
Drama, Action, History
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