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Watch Teen Wolf Online FreeWatch Teen Wolf Online at Scott McCall, a 16-year-old, and his best friend Stiles go into the woods to find a dead body whose one half is missing, but Stiles’ father, the sheriff, catches them. While Scott is returning home, he is bitten by a werewolf. The next day, Scott discovers new abilities like super-hearing and enhanced strength, and is quickly noticed by the team captain Jackson. Scott gets a date to a party with the new girl, Allison, but Stiles warns him that the full moon is upon them and he shouldn’t go. Despite the warning, Scott goes to the party, but starts getting pains from his first transformation and flees. Scott later begins to view Derek Hale, a mysterious young man who drove Allison home from the party, as a threat as he thinks Derek is the werewolf who bit him. Teen Wolf Online Streaming

Release date:
5 June 2011 (USA)
Comedy, Drama, Horror, Romance
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